Which Items at a Hotel Room Accommodation in Ocean City MD Is It OK for Guests to Taking Home?

Some travelers routinely take stuff from hotels as they leave in the morning, figuring some things are free for guests. Is that actually the case? Hotel owners and managers generally expect guests to take some of the complimentary amenities, but some travelers push the envelope and grab up things that should be left in the room. When reserving a hotel room accommodation in Ocean City MD, consider that when these items are taken from the rooms, it costs the hotel money that winds up being passed along to guests in the form of higher room rates.

Hotel owners and staff members expect that many guests will leave with the complimentary bars of soap and containers of shower gel and shampoo provided in the room. They already figure those small expenses into the standard cost of a hotel room accommodation in Ocean City MD. Stationery, postcards, and pens also can be brought home, as those items are meant to be used. They have the name of the hotel on them and are promotional products.

It should be common sense to understand which items cost a hotel such as Sleep Inn Salisbury more money to replace. Towels, washcloths, and other linens are not meant for customers to pack in their suitcases. It’s not OK to take the TV remote, a hair dryer, a clock radio, an alarm clock or a lamp.

When in doubt, a hotel guest might ask the manager or the person at the front desk whether something in the room is meant for travelers to take home. A guest might realize that robes provided in the room should stay there, but what about a pair of slippers? The slippers might actually be a complimentary amenity. Coffee mugs with the name of the hotel on them probably are meant to stay in the room, but the manager might let a guest have one if that person makes a request.

What about the Gideon Bible that typically has been placed inside a nightstand drawer? That’s OK to take along too. The Gideons International organization provides those Bibles free of charge and would like to see more people bring them home. It’s interesting that online forums indicate many people feel squeamish about the idea of “stealing” a Bible.

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