Getting the best Italian pasta in Weston

Italian pasta is rich, satisfying, and comforting and makes the perfect meal any night of the week. Whether you are planning a night out with friends, a quiet and romantic date night, or you just want to take home some comfort food, Italian pasta Weston restaurants serve offers the perfect solution. Your only problem might be deciding which pasta meals to choose. If you are unsure what Italian pasta dishes local to the area might appeal to you, then browse the menus of local restaurants for some ideas.

Italian Pasta

There is so much to love about Italian pasta. It is the perfect comfort food and is sure to leave anyone feeling full and satisfied. Exploring the different types of Italian pasta can help you choose the ones that most appeal to your tastes and preferences.

Linguine Alle Vongole is one of the types of Italian pasta dishes that many people enjoy when they dine out. Local Italian restaurants frequently serve this particular type of dish since it is light, fresh, and easy to prepare. This particular dish includes linguine and clams sauteed together in fresh tomato sauce or in a white wine sauce.

Lasagne – When thinking about Italian foods one of the first dishes that everyone recognizes the most is lasagne. The thick, wide, curly noodles immersed in rich decadent tomato sauce and cheese are a classic that Americans love to enjoy. For the best in Italian pasta, Weston residents will love to order this dish at their local Italian restaurant.

Gnocchi – Gnocchi is one of those classic dishes that you either love or you don’t. There’s no in between. These delicious potato dumplings covered in tomato cream vodka sauce are a staple at any Italian restaurant.

There are so many great Italian pasta dishes Weston diners can choose from. Take the time to sample some of the best local Italian dishes and enjoy all the best that Italian restaurants have to offer.

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