3 Tips for Choosing Your Hotel in Orange County

When you are traveling to Orange County choosing a hotel in Orange County can make or break your trip. There are plenty of options in Orange County for lodging, but you want to ensure that you pick the lodging that is going to enhance your trip.

Making the Choice

The right advice can help you to make the choice easier. There are three key factors that you want to consider before you book your stay that will help you to make the choice that you will be happy with:

  1. Location
  2. Amenities
  3. Reputation


Location is key when you are searching for a hotel in Orange County. You want it to be a central location that offers easy access to the airport while also providing easy access to other areas of Orange County, Irvine and other areas. The right location will shave time off of travel and give you more time to spend at your destinations.


Whether you are staying for a weekend or you are staying for a week the right amenities and services will enhance your stay. Not every hotel offers the comfort amenities that make your trip worthwhile.

The Reputation

An established hotel with a great reputation is the place you want to stay when you are visiting. The Atrium Hotel is the hotel that has a history of making guests feel welcome and enjoy their stay that dates back to the 1960’s. The Atrium is the place you want to stay when visiting the area because it checks off the list nicely. Stylized accommodations, great amenities and a centralized location all come together to provide you with the perfect place to stay when visiting on business or for pleasure. Book your stay and get more out of your trip.

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