Serviced apartments

by | Oct 20, 2011 | Apartment Hotel

Serviced apartmentsNot very long ago, business travelers did not have much choice but to stay in hotels for accommodations. The stay in such places was mostly restricted and the executives from large companies would often complain of having to see the same four walls and eat from the menu day after day and night after night.

But with the onset of serviced apartments, there is now an option for these weary travelers who do not like to stay in hotels or put up in private properties. Serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments with a completely equipped kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Some of them also have a daily maid service and almost all of the serviced apartments have in-house maintenance as well as a concierge at your beck and call for all the 24 hours. All these facilities are provided to give you a homely experience combined with luxury. All this to make your stay a comfortable one.

This is possibly the reason for its growing popularity. This sector is growing at a good pace and mainly at the expense of the hotel industry. Another factor which adds to the popularity is the economic nature of this industry. A service apartment is highly cost effective. They are almost twenty-five percent cheaper than hotel rooms but are much larger with a variety of features which hotels do no provide.

Business travelers can have an experience of of convenience, cost-effectiveness and comfort, thanks to a serviced apartment. It is an ideal choice for executives and other high post people who do not wish to be confined to the realms of a hotel room and also do not want to commit themselves to private property rental arrangements.

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