What Is A Caravan Park?

Caravan ParkA caravan park is a popular choice for a holiday. A caravan park is a place where people can stay with their caravans for a certain period of time. The caravans used can both mobile and static. Caravans are so popular that some people use it as their permanent home. The reason for caravan’s popularity is the fact that it can offer a practical and an elegant way of spending your holidays combined with the comfort of a home. It is also a very economical option wherein you can now have a pleasurable holiday without having to burn a hole in your pockets.

Types Of Parks:

Holiday Parks

A holiday park is one where you can rent an on-site static caravan to be used for the period of your holiday. You also have the option of buying it.

Many holiday parks have amenities like restaurants and shops and also pubs for a night-life. They could also have facilities like swimming pools and other types of entertainment and fair-ground activities for both kids as well adults.

Home Parks

These are types of parks where one would go for an extended stay. These are places where some choose to make a caravan as their main home. The home park provides amenities which you would need in your house like internet and telephone, etcetera. Some home parks also have shops. The type of caravans used here will probably also have gardens and patios.

Touring Caravan Parks

This is the most common type of caravan park. Here you can tow your caravan along with your car and park it in one of these tourist caravan parks in a destination of your choice. The space here is meant for mobile caravans. Many of these parks provide toilets, showers with hot and cold water and possibly even electricity.

Caravan Parks In The Isle Of Wight

Isle of Wight is a very picturesque location to enjoy your vacation especially in a caravan. The Isle of Wight is the most favourable climate for picnics and beach walks.

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