How to Select the Best Kosher Wedding Catering in New Jersey

The process of selecting a kosher caterer for your wedding is, in many ways, very similar to the selection of a non-kosher caterer. There are questions you will need to bring to any discussion, and steps to take to ensure you receive the quality you are paying for. There are, however, a couple of considerations that will ensure that your guests who keep kosher will be able to enjoy the simcha of your wedding.

The primary consideration for a Kosher Wedding Catering in New Jersey is, of course, the kashrut status of the catering company. All catering companies or facilities that state they provide kosher food must be under the supervision of a recognized rabbi and have a letter to that effect. If they consider their food to be “glatt kosher”, there will be a letter to that effect as well. Typically, the letter of kashrut status is renewed on a yearly basis by the rabbi. You should ask to see copies of these letters to ensure that the kosher status is current.

Other considerations for selecting a catering company might include the following:

Will they devote the entire day to your wedding? You want focus and attention and not the worry that they may have to “leave” for another job inconveniently during your day. This can happen with smaller catering firms. You will have to discuss this with them carefully to see how they would handle this scenario, if necessary.

How flexible is the caterer? Can they provide a “special” recipe that is a family tradition? Can they adapt their menu to accommodate vegans -; or other special needs? This isn’t necessarily a show-stopper, but can be a very “nice to have”.

Will the person you are dealing with as you make the arrangements be the person there supervising the food and the service the day of the wedding? In one nightmare scenario, a bride found her wedding meal (after flying into the town where the hotel was located for a “tasting”) being served to a birthday party celebration in the room next to hers. The bride’s guests got the food for the 15-year old’s birthday party! The salesperson was no where to be found.

If you are searching for Kosher Wedding Catering in New Jersey and have questions about what that means, contact Exquisite Affairs LLC, located in Springfield, NJ. They’ll be happy to help!


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