So You Want To Go TO Disney World: A Foreign Visitor’s Guide

Whether you’re Canadian, Mexican, British or Irish, all things Disney have had a form of international appeal that transcends national borders. It makes people positively happy to imagine their childhood memories involving Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. So when a brand new generation of children who have an interest in Disney are born, and also have parents who loved Disney as kids, it is not surprising that many among them would save up and choose to go to Disney World to have a great vacation.

First Thing To Know
If you’re a foreigner heading to Disney World, one of the first things you need to check out are the various Orlando vacation home rentals that are available. While you can splurge on hotel rooms in the area, the fact remains that the high cost of the rooms will seriously cut into your vacation budget. That’s why it’s recommended for foreign visitors to the U.S. that are planning to go to Disney World to check out the listings for Orlando vacation home rentals This can save them money—money that could be better spent on souvenirs, food, and other extras at the park.

Planning Your Adventure
First and foremost, you need to understand that you are not alone in your trip to Disney World. Not only do you have to contend with local visitors, there are also other international guests to the park that you need to take into consideration. As such, you need to go online and determine when there will be fewer guests, the type of ticket you want to buy (daily, weekly or annual) and what attractions you want to visit. A planned vacation allows you to take in all the sights you want to see without wasting time on similar attractions. There are lots of online and in-print guides that can help you plan your trip down to the smallest details.

All in all, going to Disney World can be a great vacation for a foreign family. You just need to plan it out properly and figure out which affordable place you want to stay in. Through sites like website, you will not spend an arm and a leg just to enjoy yourself. Also, have fun and enjoy yourself! Don’t worry too much about your diet; just think of this as a special day in a special place.

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