How About a Hula Dance in Honolulu?

You cannot attend a luau and not witness hula dancing. After all, this type of dance form has been part of Hawaii’s culture since time eternal. While a variety of cultural dances are performed through the Polynesian island chain, the hula is unique to the Hawaiian Islands.

The Ancient Dance Form

In fact, according to one tale, the goddess of the hula, Laka, invented the dance form on Molokai. Also, the history of the hula dance in Honolulu takes into account two types of dance. These two forms include the ancient hula known as Hula Kahiko and the contemporary hula, or Hula Auana. The older hula was performed by the ancient Hawaiian people in commemoration to the deities and was performed to chants, bamboo rattles, drums, rock-type castanets, and the striking of sticks.

When the old hula was performed, it only featured men. The dancers at the time “told” the hula dance in story form. The pantomime, in turn, was carried down through the generations. This historic form of expression, however, was not approved when Captain Cook landed in the Hawaiian islands. Missionaries at the time denounced the dance as heathen and the art form faded from view for some time.

A Revival of the Dance

However, the hula dance eventually prevailed as the movement was once again publicized in 1847. That was when King David Kalakaua ascended to the Hawaiian royal throne. The king, who was called the “Merry Monarch,” loved parties and gatherings. In fact, the “Merry King” allowed performances of the hula at his coronation as well as at his jubilee. After the king’s death in 1891, the hula was once again rebuffed for another century.

However, just as the luau event itself, you cannot erase the hula from a Hawaiian celebration. If you want to enjoy the food and music at a Hawaiian party, you simply cannot hold the festivities without the hula dance. This type of artistic expression truly helps you appreciate the importance of preserving this dance form and any other Hawaiian ritual.

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