A guest hose – a home away from home

guest hoseThere are thousands of guest houses available all over the world and during a holiday season, these accommodations are usually the first to be sold out, booked in advance. The reason behind the soaring popularity of guest houses is that it is as good as a home away form home.

Usually family-run businesses, guest houses tend to have service which is much better than that of hotels or motels. The latter have staff twenty-four hours a day and the staff are paid peanuts to work there. There is bound to be a deficiency in their work. However, in guest houses the staff work to ensure that you have a good experience during your stay there and that you must feel like returning. Guest houses thrive on mouth-to-mouth publicity and this ensures first class services.

In a guest house, customers are allowed to come and go as they please. The owner of the guest house, who is usually the manager, either lives in a a separate section of the house or maintains a residence adjacent to the structure.

Guest houses charge reasonable rates and this is another reason for their high popularity. At affordable prices, one can enjoy the comfort of a home and also have located within a decent area in the city. As guest houses are usually homes being used for lodging business, the locality is often accessible and convenient; unlike many hotels/motels which may be located in the outskirts of the city.

There are some guest houses that charge a deposit before your stay in case there is any damage done during your stay while some others charge a cleaning fee after your stay for obvious reasons. All guest houses may not be registered online, therefore, one will have to call up the concerned person in advance and make an appointment or an advance booking for a guest house. The chances of getting a guest house off hand, are pretty slim.

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